On February 25, 1961, Al Paris began life in the Detroit projects, then against all odds, grew up to become a remarkable singer, songwriter, actor and author. He is undoubtedly best known for his years of touring and singing with the highly-acclaimed pop group, Kool and the Gang.

Before his affiliation with Kool and the Gang, Al sang for five years with another very popular R&B band, the Bar Kays. Prior to that, he sang for three years with a group from Staxx Records called Ebony Webb. More recently, Al utilized his extensive experience and industry connections to create an exciting, high-energy show band called Al Paris & the Heartbreakers.

Since the group’s inception in 2013, Al Paris & the Heartbreakers has become one of the most requested show bands coast-to-coast. They are constantly booked for major corporate events, fundraisers, festivals, wedding receptions and various milestone celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties. The core of the group consists of a lead female vocalist, drums, keyboard, bass, lead guitar, horn section and the lead male vocalist who is, of course, Al Paris. All of the members are very experienced and talented musicians known for their smooth on-stage choreography, stunning visual appeal and over-the-top performances of current hits as well as timeless classics.

Al Paris is a performer of rare talent, and his charisma shines brightest on stage in front of a live audience. His performances reflect a combination of innate ability and learned skills, which he acquired by working with artists like Charlie Wilson, Joe Walsh, Larry Dotson and many others.


A highlight of Al’s musical career occurred while he was singing with of Kool and the Gang. That was when he got to perform in front of then President Bill Clinton and other leaders of the largest global economies at the G8 Summit in Denver, Colorado.

In his latest endeavor, Al Paris has authored his memoirs in a book published in 2017 and titled “Life Wasn’t Always ‘Kool’.” The book chronicles the many hardships he endured and eventually rose above through determination, perseverance and countless leaps of faith.